As a valued client of Viride Manby Family Law you can expect to receive legal advice and assistance for all areas associated with a relationship breakdown.

Domestic Violence

You are able to negotiate a fixed fee quote for assistance and representation for each stage of a domestic violence matter, including: VM Family Law is experienced in representing clients at final hearings or briefing a Barrister, depending on your requirements.  You are offered this choice in an attempt to minimise your legal costs. Should you require assistance such as safe accommodation and counselling, VM Family Law work closely with a number of external organisations and we would be happy to provide details.

Family Law

You can request a free half hour initial consultation to assist VM Family Law in determining your needs and providing you with tailored legal advice. You can obtain advice and representation on:
  • Application for a Divorce
  • Service of an Application for a Divorce
  • Response to a Divorce Application
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution - Mediation or Collaborative Law
  • Negotiating and Preparing Consent Orders for property settlement or parenting matters
  • Preparation of documents, representation and negotiations for property settlement and parenting matters before a Court
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Binding Financial Agreements
  • Child Abduction
  • Urgent Applications for parenting matters
  • Child Protection